Ripost covid -19 : official launching


The official launching ceremony for the awareness campaign against COVID – 19 and the distribution of equipment and health kits took place on Friday, 08th May 2020 in the premises of the Youth Agropastoral promotion program at Bastos quarter; Presided over by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture responsible for Rural Development H.E ANANGA MESSINA born BEYENE Clémentine Antoinette, the General Secretary of MINEPIA,  personal representative of the Minister in charge of livestock and animal breeding and Mrs ONANINA, Representative of IFAD’s Regional Director Africa in   Cameroon.

The event started at 3 :30 PM with the performance of the national anthem and the speech of the national coordinator of PEA-Jeunes Alfred Bela Tomo , who after welcoming his guests, briefly presented the program, the results obtained to date, also welcomed and magnified the cooperation with the technical structures that are MINEPIA, MINADER, and the financial support of IFAD which made this event possible ; thanks to their multiform supports.

This was  followed by the presentation of the specialist in communication, gender and knowledge management, Mrs Josiane NDOMO who made a presentation on the communication kits (posters, leaflets, tracts ;and audio advertising spot) ; in the same vein, equipments and sanitary kits were  presented by Olivier NDAM with a theatrical performance on the use of this material by a business coach and a young agro-pastoral entrepreneur from the North West region .

After a humorous interlude led by KEGUEGUE international, place came to the representative of the Regional Director IFAD Mrs ONANINA for her speech, which outlined the excellent relations of cooperation that her institution maintains with the Cameroonian Government as part of support in the agricultural sector for decades;

The last speech was that of the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture responsible for Rural Development H.E ANANGA MESSINA born BEYENE Clementine Antoinette who took  this opportunity to recall the measures enacted by the government to stand  in the way of COVID -19,and the contribution of its ministerial department for the fight against COVID-19, as well as the excellent relation that exists between its  ministerial department and PEA-Jeunes as well as with IFAD .

The highlight of the ceremony was the distribution of equipment and health kits to the various delegations from the center, south, littoral,and north west by the minister and special guests.

Around 5:30 pm, the ceremony ended with family photo while respecting social distancing measures.

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