A pioneer who has become a reference


HAWAU ALI is an agro-pastoral entrepreneur specialized in the breeding of broilers, married at the age of 16, the young girl-mother of two chidren, from the Bororo tribe, lives in Bamenda in the North West region. She was the first Bororo girl to join the program. She got involved in the production of broilers.

From the start of her  activities in 2017, she raised a flock of 300 chicks, since the first flock, her activities are growing. Despite the context of crisis in this region of the country, Hawau spares no effort to carry out her activities.

From the profits derives from her agropastoral business, the young mother acquires goods allowing her to diversify her sources of income.The one who says that she can plan her life from now on because she is financially independent, to be able to make a decision concerning her because she is economically independent, and to be able to speak in her community and everywhere else because she has gained in confidence, and knows her value is also a reference in her community. Thanks to her example, PEA-Jeunes has already supported more than twenty Bororos who thrives in their agropastoral businesses.

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