From the Ebolowa city, ADJEMBE AMOU’OU Hervé, works in the production of Banana-Plantain and thus, through the method of Plants from the Fragmentation (PIF) of Banana-Plantain plant. He was able to attract the sympathy of many Plantain farmers of the Zone. He regularlyprovidesthemwith plantain seedlings. His germoir has more than 20,000 seedlings, one of whichismarketedbetween 200 and 250 CFA francs.

In addition to hisseedlings production, ADJEMBE plans to increase the plantlets production (75,000 plantlets) by the end of 2017. As an agricultural technician, Hervé has become a model of success and receives as traineesotheryoungsters, intending to set up a business. For him, the AEP-Youths has been a real lever for hiscompany, whichisconsolidatingday by day..

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