ETOGO Marie Ange


Marie Ange Etogo, 25 years old and mother of two, is a translator by training and a young beneficiary of the PEA-Jeunes from cohort 7. She was trained at EPAB in Binguela. Passionate about agropastoral- entrepreneurship for a long time, she decided to launch herself in this sector after her studies.

Her activity within the framework of the PEA-Jeunes is based on the E-foods market (sale of food online products) she was selected and trained at EPAB. At the end of the incubation period, she receives financial support (start-up loan) as well as day-to-day advice from her business coach.

To run her business, she works with five permanent and six temporary staff. She usually gets her supplies from her colleagues in the Programme. However, she has some difficulties related to the instability of the com[1]munication network, and Cameroonians have not yet integrated the habit of placing orders online.

Her ambition is to conquer the entire local and even international market in the days to come.

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