FOKOU Jacques Christian


FOKOU JACQUES Christian is 28 years old YAE from cohort 7. He is involved to sell white pepper. Before joining the programme, he was a student at the University of Buea. While shopping in a local market, he noticed with desolation the deplorable conditions in which consumer products were sold, hence his motivation to become an exemplary trader by placing particular emphasis on the hygiene conditions of his products.

Located in Loum, he sells pepper and phytosanitary products. She gets in touch with the PEA-Jeunes through the facilitators who raised awareness. He was selected and sent for incubation for a period of three months, and left with financial support (start-up kit and production credit). The programme then provided him with a business coach who gave him advice on the development of his business.

He obtains his raw materials from his colleagues in the PEA-Jeunes specialising in pepper production in the same district. He also works closely with another beneficiary to open a business selling phytosanitary products.

As he is still in the early stages of this activity, he has started the procedure for the equalisation of his business. He encountered several difficulties related to the acquisition of the pre[1]mises, and then Covid slowed down the development of his business.

In the future, he would like to conquer the national market and then export his production abroad; employing other young people in order to change their living conditions is his dearest wish.

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