NDAME Richard


NGAME RICHARD is a young married man with two children. A beneficiary of the PEA-Jeunes and a member of cohort 5, he is the promoter of the company NGAME-POIVRE SA. He works exclusively in the production of pepper, and is based in Pendja. Given the attractiveness of this crop in the world, he sees an opportunity to become an agropastoral entrepreneur.

After being selected, he received three kinds of support; first, he was incubated, then he received financial support (start-up and production credit), and finally, he has a business coach who follows him daily to sell his product, he can rely mainly on his other colleagues who are also beneficiaries of the programme. On a personal level, he is already able to provide for his family.

He would like to expand his plantation from five thousand pepper plants to ten thousand plants and finally, he would like to expand his address book to attract more customers.

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