Success stories : MENGUE SABIATOU


MENGUE SABIATOU, from cohort 8, works in the restaurant business, her activity is  in the locality of Ambam, in the South region. For the moment everything is going well because since she opened, she makes more profits in the sales of the variety of dishes she offers to the customers.

She gets in touch with Pea-jeunes through her fiance who is also a young beneficiary of the programme. She was enrolled and followed a training course, which took place in very good conditions due to the dynamism of the trainers who gave very good details of the modules on leadership, stock management and also how to manage a business.

 After the incubation, she received a start-up loan, and immediately launched her business. It is worth to recall that, she has the support of her husband who equally assists her in the restaurant by attending to the customers.

From then on, she started to see some changes in her life; she now contributes to the family expenses and this relieves her spouse a lot. The children are well fed and they attend to good school for quality education.

However, not everything went well, being a new comer to the town as she faced some difficulties, such as finding a place in the area, which was a very complicated task, more over the beginning of running the restaurant was very difficult because she had no customers. She has to make a lot of publicity in order to attract customers.

Today the business is booming, thanks to the spirit of perseverance, hard work and commitment to her work.

In the near future, she would like to expand her project into catering and to be contacted to cover events in her locality because she has noticed that in Ambam people call on the catering service from Yaoundé to organise weddings, funerals, christenings etc.

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